MISSHA Ginger and Vinegar baby foot peeling mask - get rid of dry summer feet

Today it’s about feet – I will review the MISSHA Ginger and Vinegar foot peeling mask. Something I have been wanting to try for a long time are Asian foot peeling masks. I have tried many scrubs and foot creams, but was never satisfied with the results. Our feet are natural dry and in the summer it gets worse,  its sandal season and hot outside! So how to get rid of dry cracked skin? I couldn’t wait to try out a foot peeling mask, seeing all the before and after pictures, of shading skin, made me very excited to try it out.

My Scheming Crystal Q10 elastin eye mask

I woke up this morning with raccoon swollen eyes, probably due to lake of sleep. Unfortunately, my eyes are always kind of in a bad shape and they are so sensitive to the environment, it runs in our family. Having sensitive eyes I always try to properly moisturize the eye area and occasionally use cool/hot, gel masks etc. I bought a pack of My Scheming sheet masks and eye masks a while ago. Today I decided to use one of the My Scheming eye masks included, the Crystal Q10 Elastin Eye mask. 

Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge - perfect for healthy hydrated lips

I have something of a lipstick obsession; if you would take a look at my make up collection almost 1/3 consist of lip products, in all colors and forms. We all have favorite lipsticks from a particular brand, be it Chanel, Loreal or Tom Ford. My favorites are from Kanebo Sensai, I think Sensai has the best lip products). My current favorite, for soft and hydrated lips, is the Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge in shade MS109 UME Kasane ($40). 

Enca AC Control Total concealer - for sensitive acne prone skin

Hi everyone! Today I will review the Enca AC Control Total concealer (19$)  from Wishtrend, which was part  of my latest wishtrend haul! The Enca concealer caught my eye a while ago so I was very happy to see it in the wishbox No.34. My skin is very sensitive, if I use concealers on pimples or marks they mostly get worse  - inflamed and/or irritated.