Beautish.bymaya is my own personal beauty blog, focusing mainly on Korean/Asian skincare and cosmetics. However, sometimes I will review non Asian beauty products as there are many western brands that also have my attention. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine own, I have no contact with the advertiser or company unless stated otherwise.

Sponsorship Policy

If I'm interested and it fits my blog topics I may occasionally accept products offered for review purpose from stores and brands. This gives me an opportunity to try new products and discover brands, which I can share with my readers. However, this will not influence my opinions and recommendations in any way. Any products provided to be by brands, PR representative and sellers will be disclosed in the post. 

Affiliate links 

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase then I will receive a small commission. Don't feel obligated to buy from my affiliate links, but if you choose to I would appreciate it. Any revenues help support this blog. 

For any questions and offers contact me by email or any other social media form. 

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