LJH Tea Tree Sheet Mask

It's time for a sheet mask review again. If you are familiar with the western Asian beauty (AB) community then you have probably heard of the LJH tea tree 90 essence. It's a very popular product, seems to do wonders for acne prone skin. I'm using it myself now and I can already say it's amazing!, but more about it in a future post (planning on reviewing the entire LJH tea tree line). 

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

If you are not new here you might know that I have sensitive skin, redness and pimples are a frequent problem. Although, my skin is more or less under control, redness, blemishes and irritations can show up depending on diet, weather and the time of the month. Hence, I'm always on the look for new products that work on sensitive skin. When Wishtrend asked me if I was interested in trying out their new Klairs Midnight  Blue Calming Cream*, I was happy to give it a try. 

Sample Time! Ohui The First - The History of Whoo Soo Yeon - Skinfood Royal Honey

It's Sample time! I have so many samples and the stash is still growing. I decided to start testing some of them and writing short reviews (okay failed with short, the reviews are longer than intended). Obviously we can't judge a product from one sample, so this is a just a first impression. Note: when I say 'NO' won't purchase, it doesn't mean it's a bad product or fails to deliver on its promise, no it just didn't impress me. I might purchase it in the future and even fall in love with it. The same is true for a 'Yes', it just means I liked it and would like to buy a full size to test it out further.