Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask

Just like sheet masks, sleeping masks have become a part of my 'self spa' treatments. With the 'self spa' I mean products that provide my skin with that something extra, in addition to my regular skincare routine. Of course they don't replace real salon facials, but sometimes I just wonder if these regular facial at the salon really make a difference, expect the extractions part. Maybe my money would be better spend by buying more products? Okay, now I really sound like a skincare addict. 

Mini review: Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum and Whoo SPAA moisturizer

What do you use to hydrate and moisturize your body skin? If you have a dry skin type (face) chances are your 'body skin' is no different. My skin is dry in general so I always have to use some kind of body moisturizer. In the spring / summer I like to use a very lightweight cream that absorbs fast, my skin is already sweating so no need to clog it with heavy creams. In the winter time a more rich body moisturizer feels good on my dry skin, but shouldn't be to sticky.

Spot treatment - COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

I suffer from occasional acne, which can include inflamed cyst (1-2  cysts a month), whiteheads and red 'raised' bumps. I had lots of them during my puberty, but I got older and my skin changed as well as my skincare regime. Still, I have occasional local outbreaks, mainly on my cheeks and sometimes forehead. Most of you have experienced acne/pimples at some point, so you can imagine how frustrating it can be. There are some options to treat (not prevent in this case)  pimples, my favorite is spot treatment with pink powders. One recent discovery are anti-acne blemish patches!