LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence

If I had the choice to just use one essence for an entire year then it would be the LJH tea tree 90 essence. LJH is a Korean brand that calls itself the “fist Doctors Cosmetics” in Korea, a new concept of doctor’s cosmetics which combines cosmetics and medicine. The brand was established by the dermatologist Leejiham in 2000, the company has also dermatology clinics headquartered in Seoul.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk spf50 PA++++

Sunscreens have become an important part of my 'skincare wardrobe'. Since, starting my Asian beauty journey I realized how dangerous sun exposure can be and how important sun protection is There is no better anti aging cream than a sunscreen (early prevention). I’m someone who loves the sun and spending some time on the beach, but now you will often find me in the shadow with a big hat, and of course at that moment there must be a water-resistant sunscreen for outdoor activities in my bag. I reviewed the Biore UV Perfect Milk (for face and body) blue version before (link), which I really liked as a summer sunscreen in humid weather etc. The different variants of the Biore perfect line seemed to be identical but I still needed to try them out to compare. I got the pink version, the Biore UV Bright Face Milk spf50.