About me

Skin type: Combination, dehydrated, acne prone, Sensitive

Shade: Matched to MAC NW20, korean 2, 23, 21 in Laneige

Skin problems: Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation PIH, sun spots/damage, dull uneven skin tone, fine lines.

Goals: Brightening, Whitening, fade PIH & fine line

Hi my dear visitors 

I am Maya, welcome to my beauty world! I love Korean and Japanese beauty products and want to be creative and share my experiences with you. The Korean skin care routine transformed my skin and my journey has just began. If you are a fan like me of Asian beauty products then you probably understand my passion, and if your are new to this side of the beauty world. I promise you will not be disappointed. Korean brands have many things to offer, from various make up trends to the craziest innovative ingredients. Occasionally, I will also post on other beauty related topics, including western brands. I intent for this personal beauty blog to become my 'creative outlet'.

XxX have fun reading 


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