WISHTREND Haul: Wishbox, Vitamin C21.5 serum, Enca pink powder and more

Hi my lovely beauty junkies, today I received my package from Wishtrend. This is my second Wishtrend Haul and I am excited to share it with you. If you don't know Wishtrend its a Korean web shop
that sells skin care and make up products from less known brands (for more see my post on 'where to buy Korean beauty products'). They also offer monthly boxes called the Wishbox, its like a subscription box but instead you buy it whenever you want, before it runs out of stock. They have amazing Wishboxes with a new theme each month, like mothers day, summer beauty products etc.
I ordered the Wishbox No.34 Secret beauty Box, with a value of 85.96$ for only 34.99$ which is 59% off. This is slightly more than other wishboxes which have a discount of 30-50%.
The Wishbox - Secret beauty Box contains so many products that I already wanted to buy individually; the Klair BB cream, Enca concealer, Berrisom Lip tint pack and Whitening body cream. Yes, Wishtrend heard my prayers and released this box ;D.

The shipping was really fast it took 6 working days from Korea to the Netherlands, impressive considering I chose regular shipping.

Everything was carefully wrapped, very secure.

[From the Wishbox 34]

The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream  has been on my Wishlist for a long time. The BB cream is one of the most popular at the moment in Korea, it is in the Top chart of most popular BB creams; No1 on Memebox, 10x10 and Babo Sarang. I have read so many good reviews about this product so I'm very exited  to try it. It seems to work well on combination oily skin, SP40, no grey tone,  and medium coverage. Too bad there is only one color, but it seems to suit my skin tone well (I'm Mac NW20).

Just read the slogan on the box/packaging: You look so wonderful just the way you are, be natural, Klairs. there is something about using a BB cream with such a beautiful phrase! And its Suitable for every skin type, even sensitive and acne prone ! Cant wait to try this BB cream ).
Retail price 25$

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack   is product I wanted to try for while now. Its something like a lip pack tattoo, you apply a thin film of the product let it dry and take it off: the color transforms onto your lips and is supposed to be very long lasting, moisturizing and look natural. A very popular concept in Korea buts something entirely new for me and not known here in the west. The wishbox included the color pure pink which I think suits everybody. Actually, the color range looks great. Its really a best selling product in Korea, cant wait to see how it will look on my lips )
Retail price 16$

I don't have a good concealer and most seem to break me out, make the problem even worse. So I really need a concealer that  covers pimples, red marks and scars and also works well on sensitive skin. The ENCA Acne Control Total Concealer promises exactly that. The  Enca Acne Control Total Concealer for acne prone skin conceals acne pimples without causing irritation or clogging pores. Let your skin breath, reduce redness and make the skin look bright and clear. Hope it will hold up to its promise! There is only one color (light beige) which seems fine for my skin tone, but may be to light for some of you.
Retail price 20$

I like to use whitening product for my face, not to change my face color but for the brightening effect and especially to get rid of discoloration, acne marks etc. The LEI LANI Wear White Body Cream is a popular body whitening cream (Award winner 2014), its approved by the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) so you can expect a real whitening effect. It seems to work great for elbows, armpits and bikini line. I was desperately looking for something to whiten armpits and elbows, hope to achieve some nice results with it. You can also use it on other body parts and the face.
Retail price 25$

Wishtrend included the Help My Body Slimming Patch by PONGDANG. as  a free gift with the Wishbox34. The product consist of natural extracts that are supposed to help you loose belly, thigh, and arm fat that don't go away with exercise alone. You have to apply it on the desired area and take it off after 8 hours! Wow 8 hours is along time, I'm really curious what the product does. I'm not a believer in this kind of concepts but even if there is an effect I probably would need more patches, so I don't have high hopes.
retail price 15$ for 1 box (5 patches)

All the above mentioned products are part of the Wishbox 34 Secret beauty.   As you can see 35$ is a really good deal! Now the about the products I bought separately.

The vitamin C serum  is the only product I have tried before. The bestselling OST C20 advanced C21.5 serum is just my all time favorite product! Who doesn't recognize this red bottle?  I'm using it now for over 2 months and it has done wonders for my skin (I promise to do a separate product review). I have never tried the original C20 version but this upgrade formula is non  steaky, absorbs quickly, removes clogged pores,  whitens its just WOW. I bought a second bottle as back-up and it was also the free-shipping product on Wishtrend. if there is one product I couldn't live without it would be this serum whitening serum.
retail price 30$
The ENCA Acne Drying Pinky Powder is an acne treatment, it reduces acne and pimples. ENCA says it contains effective ingredients to soothe, relieve and reduce acne pimples. I have used the Mario Badescu drying lotion before to treat/dry out pimples. I decided to try a Korean product, and this formulations seems more friendly for sensitive skin. The ENCA Pink drying powder is a quit popular produce with a huge following. I'm really excite to try it out. I was happy to buy it on sale for 10$ instead of 20$.
The Rojukiss AC Clearing Overnight Spot is another drying powder to treat acne/pimples. The Rojukiss AC Clearing Overnight Spot promises to treat  whiteheads and is especially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. This is a very similar product to ENCA acne pinky powder, same concept and similar formulation. Cant wait to try out and compare it to the Mario Badescu and ENCA drying powder. The packaging is really beautiful, so original ). The product was on sale from 18$ for 11$.
Honestly, I expected to receive more samples from Wishtrend, for some reason they included only three this time.

I'm very happy with my Wishtrend haul, all the products are new for me expect the C21.5% Vitamin C serum. The wishbox34 is a great deal only 35$ for 4 bestselling products. Have you tried any of the products?


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    1. Yes me too, I guess I will use it on my belly )

  2. I'm Dutch and I really want to buy from this website but I've never bought anything online from outside of Europe. Did you have any problems with taxes and customs? And what type of payment did you use?

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