My Scheming Royal Honey Brightening Mask

Today its time for another sheet mask review. I will quickly review the My Scheming Royal Honey Brightening 7 day sheet mask set. Honey has become one of my favorite skincare ingredients, I love propolis, honey extract, bee venom and everything derived from honey. In my stash you can always find honey themed sheet masks. 

My Scheming 7 days Royal Honey Brightening mask

I couldn't find any product description in English, but looking at the ingredient list its definitely a sheet mask in the 'brightening' category. Niacinamine is third on the ingredient list. Niacinamide is vitamin B3, a very popular and scientifically potent skincare ingredient, it can help with firming skin, clarifying, brightening, reducing acne scars and other anti aging benefits. Then we have allantoin, a common anti-aging ingredient known for its soothing, cell regenerative and moisturizing function. Next we have sodium hyaluronate, the super moisturizing and hydrating agent. Finally, we have the bee venom and honey extract that give the mask its name. I'm slightly disappointed to see them somewhere in the middle of then ingredient list and not higher up.

Ingredients: water, disodium edta, niacinamide, allantoin, glycerin, propylene glycol, tranexamic acid, chlorphenesin, sodium hyaluronate, chondrus crispus, xanthan gum, glycosyl trehalose, bee venom, honey extract, butylene glycol, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, fragrance 


The My Scheming 7 days Royal Honey Brightening masks come packaged with ziploc seal containing seven sheet masks. The packaging is not something I really like, I prefer sheet mask that are individually wrapped. Japanese sheet masks come usually packed together, its not common for Korean and Taiwanese brands. As you probably know My Scheming masks are usually individually wrapped. The Royal Honey Brightening masks are an exception, as one mask is supposed to be used each day of the week, so a week long mask pampering routine.
The packaging is yellow, really honey themed with all the bees. Its not typical my scheming, I miss that little girl...


I didn't use the mask everyday for one week, but just randomly throughout the month. I guess I'm just too lazy and I also wanted to save some of them for later. Application is just as with every other regular sheet mask. The packaging has a lot of essence, 120 ml for 7 sheet masks. The masks are soaked in essence but its not easy to take them out. They are pretty much clumped together as you can see. 
The fit is good for me as with every My Scheming sheet mask. There is no left over essence because the masks are all packed together, so nothing to apply on my neck. 


Its a honey sheet mask with Niacinamide, so of course I expected brightening and moisturizing effects. Usually, I can review a sheet mask after a 1-2 time use, but I have used more than 5 of these sheet mask so I have a pretty good feeling about it. The mask stays moist on my face for over 25-30 minutes, it feels quite cooling and hydrating. I usually let in on for 30 minutes before it's completely dried out. I like the material, its thin and wears comfortable. 

Here is a before and after picture (note: can't capture much with pictures but some effect is definitely visible.?.). There is some brightening and evening of skin tone. Hydration is okay, but don't expect too much. 

 Forehead before and after My Scheming Royal Honey mask, same lightening

Final thoughts 

Overall, I like the My Scheming Royal Honey sheet masks. My Scheming masks are one of my favorite brands, they are affordable, work good and the packaging is adorable.....The royal Honey brightening mask delivered what it promised, brightening! It also makes the skin tone more even. The ingredient list is pretty good, the only negative point I can think about is that honey extract and bee venom are lower on  the ingredient list. I will definitely repurchase it, and try it for one week each day like advertised. Lets hope it will enhance the brightening effect and diminish hyper pigmentation.

I purchased the My Scheming Royal Honey mask on ebay for around 11$. You can find it on ebay now for 11.99$ And on Amazon* for 12.70$. 


Evens out skin tone 
Good ingredient list 


The packaging, I prefer individually wrapped sheet masks 
no left over essence, only with the last mask 
Hydration level - average 

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  1. Yes I don't like the fact that Japanese masks are not individually wrapped o.o I'm not a big fan of this lol That's why I don't have a lot of Japanese masks at home hahah
    Thanks for the review c: The packaging is so adorable!

    1. I also think the japanese material is inferior somehow ...and good sheet masks cost more

  2. o be honest,I was surprised because this is my first time seeing face masks that are packed together. But in fairness, I've only tried a selected few from Innisfree and Etude House. It must have been a hassle just getting one out, especially because it looks like they are clumped together... The effect looks great though! My only problem with face masks is that, the effect is only short-term for me =n=

    1. Yes effects are short term, but I believe that with regular use you can get long term benefits, like hydration and brightening. I really didn't like taking them out, and there was no left over essence. Production is easier for them but we don't really benefit as consumer ....

  3. It seems so messy with having all 7 masks in one packaging >_< You skin saw some amazing instant results though, the brightening effect looks awesome!

    1. Yes its kind of messy, but I like them so would repurchase ;)

  4. Really like this concept and surly gonna try this once. My skin is a little sensitive, So I am afraid of going any experiment with my skin thats why from the past few years I am applying natural skin brightening cream by Revitol on my skin and its results are quite effective for me like Glowing, radiant and spotless skin :-)