S:um37 Time Energy Resetting Moist Firming Cream

Hey there kbeauty followers! I didn't really have time to blog this month,  so much work  and change in life circumstances don't leave much time for my kbeauty obsession, but I'm back now and I plan to invest more time into by blog, miss the excitement I I get from blogging. 

I have previously reviewing the s:um37 time energy emulsion, if you have read it then you know about my love for s:um37, its the Korean brand to go for if you are looking for fermented skincare. S:um37 time energy emulsion is probably my favorite emulsion, I not using it right now but will defiantly stock up fro the future. I have used the emulsion and cream together, now its only the cream. So today is time for part two, I will be reviewing the sum37 cream....

S:um37 is young brand, established in 2007 by LG (other known brands by LG are Ohui, Faceshop and The history of Whoo). Its a high end brand department brand that specializes in fermented skincare. 'sum' means ‘breath’ in Korean, and the 37 is the optimal temperature for fermentation. So the brand name “su:m 37” captures the science behind it. The concept of ‘fermented ingredients for skin’ has been there for a while now, starting with famous SKII essence.

Fermentation is the process whereby microorganisms break down proteins and other substances. This is supposed to increase the production, availability and absorption of amino acids, vitamins, and various antioxidants. S:um37 uses more than 100 microorganism species and more than 300 different raw material to make the various active ingredients. 

Here is a more detailed description, summarized from their facebook site;

During fermentation microorganisms double active substances and break down molecular structure of substances to a size that is able to penetrate the skin more deeply and rapidly to boost the skin’s natural defenses. Su:m 37 differs from other brands fermented skincare in that it offers pure, naturally fermented products and not artificially, so no substance is added induce fermentation. About 50 plant species grown organically in Hokkaido, a pristine area of Japan, are naturally fermented at a temperature of 37°C for 1102 days, or “3 years + 7 days.” , su:m 37 is created using a fermentation technique studied for about eight decades by Japan’s Otaka Research Center, renowned for its research in fermentation. In the first step of this process, undiluted solutions of some 50 clean and pure plants are extracted and stored in a Japanese cedar keg in the Research Center for seven days. The extracted solution is moved to a storage area with a constant temperature of 37°C. It is left to breathe in tune with the melody of a music box while it is fermented dozens of times over three years. The process also produces new substances Zyen and Zyen-γ, which are highly effective at improving the skin. The Zyen and Zyen-γ, are naturally fermented substances, contain various amino acids, natural organic acids and antioxidants. Free of artificial fragrances, dyes and synthetic preservatives, su:m 37 delivers only the valuable effects of natural fermentation. 

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? A cocktail of fermented extracts, produced somewhere in japan while listening to music ...? okay, that music thing is maybe to much lol, but overall I like the concept. 

S:um37 Time Energy Resetting Moist Firming Cream 

I have tried many products from s:um37 (many samples) and reviewed the emulsion before. Today its time to talk about the Time energy Skin Resetting Moist Firming Cream. The sum37 time energy line is supposed to repair damaged skin and balance oil, so reset your skin and bring it back in balance. It’s perfect for my dry combination skin type. I have been using the emulsion and cream for over 8-9 months now. The emulsion is empty by now but the cream is still part of my routine. 

Layering skincare products is very important in Asian skincare. The S:um37 Time Energy cream is very rich, so the last of before lat step of my routine 

As I have mentioned in my previous review, my skin was at a bad place when I started using the Sum37 time energy line. My skin was dehydrated most of then time, and sometimes oily with active acne. I give the emulsion and cream much credit for improving my skin condition. I must add that I have also tried the Su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum. A very nice product, but I cant say more as I haven't use it for long enough. 

I don’t have the box anymore I think the ingredient list was only in Korean. You can find the ingredients on cosdna, its a long list,just as expected. There is Yeast and Lactobacillus that are used to facilitate the fermentation, Saccharomyces ferment and a cocktail of sum37 fermented extracts, like Watermelon Fruit Extract and Papaya Fruit Extract. 

Looking at the ingredient list there are some red flags, so if your skin is sensitive you should be careful, maybe start with samples as I did. For instance, there is Cetearyl Alcohol and Citral (natural plant extract used as fragrance). I have a sensitive skin that and I didn't experience any issues. Honestly, I don't have a problem with alcohol anymore, I realize now that the most important thing is how well the product is formulated. 


Wow, do I have to say how much I love sum37 packaging. Its modern and original, fits the Korean fermented theme.  The product comes in a beautiful sturdy glass bottle of 60 ml. It's my favorite packaging, the only downside is that its kind of heavy and not travel friendly. Still, I prefer such designs to plastic, it's aesthetically very appealing


The cream has a mild beige color, just like the name of the product promises it's quite rich. The is cream richer than most of the face creams, sounds perfect for dry skin, right? What I love about sum37 packaging is that they have this magnetic spoon on top which make application very easy and looks kind of cool. The cream has the same smell as the emulsion. Its difficult to explain. Some say its smells of orange tea others of citrus, I find that it has this fermentation smell to it. If you have tried Asian fermented skincare before then you might know what I mean. The smell doesn't disturb me, I actually like its freshness. 

The cream is perfect as a last step pf my routine. I apply they Su:m37 Time Energy Resetting Moist Firming Cream after the emulsion or after another (lighter) face cream. Yes, I can use two creams in a routine if my skin feels like it, that's what you get form being an Asian skincare addict. 


When applied it seems to stick for a while on the skin.  After like 30 seconds it sinks into the skin leaving a glow and dewiness. I mean a real korean Glow that many of us try to achieve. The cream works best in combination with the emulsion. The emulsion is light hydrating, and the Su:m37 Time Energy Resetting Moist Firming Cream follows as a richer cream, deeply moisturizing. This is how you can get that maximal 'moisturizer' effect out of layering skincare products. 

What you see with many rich skincare lines is that they fail to control oil and make the problem even worse. Hence, for folks like me with dehydrate skin that can turn oily depending on weather and hormones, its always been difficult to find a skincare range that will mange to bring the skin in balance. That’s exactly what the the did for me, I'm using it now for almost a year consistently and can see the long term benefits. Fine lines on my forehead are less visible, oil production in balance, no more active acne and skin is very hydrated. I have also noticed that it reduces redness and slightly brightens up skin tone. 

Final thoughts

I have to repeat how much I like the brand su:m37, as said the emulsion and cream work perfect together. Honestly, I like the emulsion more, its just more of multi usage product. The cream is very rich so not for all seasons depending on your skin-type, still it complements the the emulsion very well. Despite that the cream is so heavy my skin doesn't get oil or clogged, its just the right amount of moisture.

The emulsion works perfect in harmony when used together with the sum37 time energy cream, if you can try only one then go for the cream if you have dry skin. For oily any combination skin types I would recommend the emulsion. 

The su;m37 time energy products really deliver on its promise; resetting the skin balance, hydrating, softening and controlling oil. I do believe in the benefits of fermented skincare, and s:um37 is particularly attractive with all the different microorganisms and raw materials used for fermentation. Now, I want to start talking about all the possible benefits of fermented skincare, but its for another post. 

You can purchase it on Amazon* for ..$ / koreandepart 37$/ roseroseshop 36000W/ Jolse 40$.


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