Shiseido Aqua Intensive Lotion for damaged hair

If you are anything like me, whit frizzy curly rebellious hair, you are probably always looking for the perfect hair products to get your hair under control, but at the end without any luck. So I'm always searching for new products, without sulfates, silicon’s, fragrance etc. I have a sensitive scalp so it’s better for me to avoid that kind of ingredients.

The brand Tsubaki and MaCherrie from the giant Shiseido are very well known outside Japan. However, I haven't seen many reviews on Shiseido professional products. Maybe because it's not a drugstore brand, available in salons and expensive. 

The product I have here is the Shiseido Professional the hair care aqua intensive Lotion for damaged hair. I came across this lotion spray on eBay and wanted it immediately, if something says for damaged hair then I can't resist. Normally, the retail price is like 40 dollars for 125 ml bottle, but I managed to win this one on eBay for 20 dollars,( seller Jaipfe).

 The product is from the Shiseido Aqua Intensive treatment line which is specially aimed at damaged hair!

What the brand says; Shiseido Aqua Intensive hair care treatment deeply and fully hydrates every strand, from root to end. Starting at the moisture-deprived tips, Shiseido's Aqua Mimic Technology infuses the entire length of the hair with intensive moisture and locks it in. Recommended for those who are concerned about damaged hair, dry hair and hair that has been subjected to repeated coloring and perming.

Perfect for those who are concerned about dry hair or damaged hair and those with hair that has been subjected to coloring.
Here are the products available from this

As you see this lotion spray is the last step in the hair care line. It is supposed to protect hair from UV rays, environmental heat, while also moisturizing hair and leaving it shiny.

I love that it's suitable for damaged and dry hair, yeah that's me for sure. It's not aimed at curly hair but no problem, my biggest concern is dryness and frizz.

I like to use it on damp hair after shampoo and hair mask, it's easy to spray into hair and doesn't feel sticky, - spray evenly especially on the tips/spilt ends. You can use it also on dry hair, but I find then that it tends to feel heavy and sticky. The ingredient list is no were to be found, everything is in Japanese. The product has a silicon feel, so I'm sure it contains silicones. Not always a fan of it and try to avoid it depending on the formulation. I think silicones are not that bad, giving the hair a silky and shiny look. The only downside is that with repeated use of silicones, it tends to build up in hair.

It's nice that it also protects the hair from heat damage caused by blow-drying, iron straightener/curler and UV. I use iron straightener once a week or every 2 weeks, so it's great for that purpose.

The product is good but I think it’s necessary to use the all the products in the line to see the real beneficial effects. Unfortunately, the product are expensive to buy them all at once. 40 dollar bottle is too expensive and I wouldn't have paid that price.
  • feels light not sticky
  • easy to use
  • great for hair straitening protection
  • UV protection
  • contains silicones ?
  • expensive



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  3. Thanks for sharing!
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  4. I always looking for new things to keep my hair healthy, might try this out

    1. you could try to combine it with the Aqua Intensive mask from the line, shampoos are not so important but mask are always worth the money ;D

  5. I love Shiseido as a brand, the product looks great for damaged hair (like mine xD).


    1. Yes me too all their products seem to be great for dry hair, I want to try out the Tsubaki and Macherie hair products from Shiseido

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