Where to buy Korean beauty products

I you like me love Korean beauty products but you don’t live in Korea (Asia), you may be asking yourself how to get your hands on them. I personally think there is something special about Korean beauty products, they have a different approach compared to western brands. The beauty industry is booming in Korea and becoming a serious competition to western brands. The easiest way buy Korea products is ordering online. There are different price ranges and many sites that offer international free shipping. Here are some reliable Korean
beauty web shops. I haven’t shopped at all of them so I also base my research on the experience of other bloggers and positive feedbacks.  
A nice company offering a wide range of products. You will find here sales and good limited time offers. Shipping cost are reasonable and some products have free shipping. They represent many popular brands (e.g.; Etude House, Missha, To cool for School) and the prices are good, better than many eBay shops. I have shopped on theirs eBay site (rubyruby shop) but not on their official company site. I don’t know how generous they are with samples. Some say their custom service is a little bit slow.

Is the eBay version of RoseRose shop, they stock less items compared to their official shop website but still include a large selection of products. The main difference is that shipping is free but the prices are higher. This is usually done to compensate for free shipping. If you are doing a shopping haul, buying a lot of stuff at once, their official shop would be more price friendly. However, I bought individual items on eBay with free shipping, then it’s more cost effective. The shipping was fast and I had no problem with money transactions or communication. They sell original  products for a good price, and include 2 samples per item.

This is also a very nice easy to navigate site offering many different brands; general popular brands like Etude House and some quit new brands (Y.E.T) . They offer a point reward system, sales and free samples. I haven’t placed an order with them yet but I’m very pleased with their eBay store F2Plus1.
4)  W2beauty
Very popular with the blogging community and  recommended. They offer free shipping on all their products which is rare for a non-eBay website. The product selection is huge, ranging from high end brands like sulwhasoo to budget friendly Benton. I follow  Alice the owner of the web shop on Facebook, she includes new brands regularly and organizes giveaways. You can also collect reward points for writing reviews on purchased items. I have shopped with them twice and got many sample! The price range varies, some products are cheaper than on bay others are more expensive. I really recommend this web shop.
Another very popular web shop with a huge selection of brands, you can even find here snacks and clothes . The prices are good, and you will always find the desired brand. I was looking for LHJ tea tree serum and it was only available on Korean depart for a reasonable price. The only reason I haven’t placed an order yet is their shipping policy. If you life outside their free shipping zone then they require a shipping deposit of 20$. After shipping you will be either refunded or have to pay extra, depending on the final shipping costs. I prefer to know the shipping cost upfront and this is somehow discouraging. Like many web shop they have a reward point system, sales and free samples. I intend to order from them in the future, as they have good prices and represent almost all brands.

Wishtrend is becoming very popular with beauty bloggers. Interest is that they  don’t represent the general famous brands ( e.g.; Missha, Etude House, Laneige) but instead offer you less known brands. This makes the web shop quit different from other Korean web shops! You can find here bestsellers like the Klairs BB cream, OST vitamin C serum and Berrison lip tints. The company offers  monthly coupon discount codes and free products with purchases. Shipping is free if you purchase over 69$ and there are also free shipping products (if you purchase some items shipping will be free for the entire  purchase). The company also releases monthly theme based wishboxes (like memo box) , a box with many products that you get at a discount price compared to if you would purchase them separately.
I have purchased many times from them and intend to place another order soon. They also include a lot of samples. I recommend this web shop especially if you want to try new (less known)  brands.

7) Jolse
Also a web shop with a good reputation, you will find a wide selection of beauty brands and clothes. They offer free shipping, many free samples and a reward point system. There eBay site is called IamLove shop also very popular. I have purchased products form their eBay shop, shipping was fast and free.


  1. This is such a helpful post!
    I'd love to try different products and I here so many good things about Korean makeup!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Thanks ,) I forgot to mention that Wishtrend, RoseRose( and Ruby Ruby) all value packages at like 20$ and mark it as gift so there will be no issues at the custom service -(- import or duty taxes). I don't remember about the other webshops

  2. Oh, thank you. Now I can dive into my skincare obsession and start clicking.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I love Korean products!! I usually get them from a friend who goes there often. <3


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